Hello. Thank you so much for clicking through!

This is a secret link so no-one else can see this page/image. That\’s why the page title here has a weird spelling.

I hope you like it. It\’s made up of chronological lyrics from \’James Taylor\’ through to \’Before This World\’ and took a very long time!

I have done a few portraits like this and I call them \’Typed Faces\’.

I live in Leeds in the UK and would love to be able to give you a print of this at your concert on 12th July this year at Leeds Arena. Would that be possible? I could just hand it over to a member of the security team at the door if you like. I know that security is understandably tight, and I don\’t fancy my chances of bringing the print into the show without pre-agreed permission!

I\’m a HUGE fan and have done this primarily to hang on my wall at home, but I would also love to be able to sell a ltd edition run of prints of this image if that would be OK with you? I have done a few others including Paul McCartney and Adele and am hoping to exhibit them at my 1st ever show later this year here in Leeds. It will be a very small show at a cafe that has it\’s own art gallery attached. It would be great to be able to sell some copies at this exhibition and I would be grateful to know if there is anything that you would like me to do to make that possible?

If you would like to get back to me about this (and I hope you do!), please contact me at contact@typedface.com.

Thank you so much for your time!

Danny Cope

p.s. Gorilla is my favourite album of all time. Thanks for making it (and the others).