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I like to type faces.

When I first heard my Dad talk about typefaces when I was a kid (he’s a Graphic Designer), I remember wondering if it meant that people’s faces had been typed.

I never really thought anything of it until years later when I figured I would have a go at typing some faces to see how they came out.  As it turns out, I think they came out quite well so I’ve kept going.

It’s a slow process!  I start each portrait by typing all the words I want to make up the image.  This varies from song lyrics, to song titles, to quotes and speeches etc.  Once I have decided on the text, I then adjust the font weightings and letter spacing to achieve different textures and shade, line by line. Every single letter is adjusted by hand and it typically takes between 20 – 40 hours to complete each face.

Below are some images showing the process as it develops.

With each of these portraits, what each person is saying really is written all over their face.

I hope you like what you see.  Thanks for visiting!

Danny Cope